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Canon Printer Troubleshoot

Just like we need mobiles and computers for work, printers are also important. Though there are many printers available in the market, none are like a Canon printer. They are the industry best for many reasons including advanced printer features, commendable Canon customer service for printers, versatile expert team and more. However, you might face issues while using a Canon printer. But no need to lose your sleep over it as we have got you covered. Even if you face issues, they can be solved in no time by none other than the experts who are well-versed with everything that you need to know.

Before moving ahead with troubleshooting problems, we would like to highlight some of the major printer issues that can take place often.

Common Canon Printer Problems 

  • Incomplete printing

There can be times when you might get your printouts stuck in the printer leading you to wait in the middle of a task. Now this generally happens due to high-resolution files which may take time to process until then you have to wait. Another reason is when you have been using the printer for a long time and due to overheating, it might stop working. For the latter, you should let the printer rest for a while, so turn it off, unplug it and plug in again after 15 minutes to carry on with your work

  • Paper Jam

It is a very common issue that any printer user might face from time to time. When a paper is stuck in the printer, a warning message will be displayed on the screen. You should tackle this on the spot because if you ignore it, then you might end up damaging the printer which no one wants for sure. So, when you see the warning, turn off the printer, unplug it and take out the stuck paper from the printer gently without hampering the film or rail.

  • Improper prints

There are many reasons why you might get improper, light or faded prints. Dried ink and clogged print heads are one of the main causes. Clogged print heads are caused due to dried ink which might leave horizontal lines and spots on the printouts. This can be fixed by two ways and they are- run the printer utility program and change the ink cartridge. After amending the changes, you should conduct a test-run to be sure about managing the situation.

  • No paper alert

If you use a printer on a regular basis, you might face this issue often. You get the ‘no paper alert’ due to the presence of an object in the rear tray. So, switch off the printer, unplug it and remove the object. In addition, you might face this error due to improper loading of paper into the printer. Yes, you have read that right. Sometimes, due to curled, wrinkled and thick paper, you might face this issue. Hence, make sure you replace such papers with the suitable ones based on the paper size setting. Also, don’t forget to clean the paper feed roller.


1.   Why is my wireless Canon printer not responding?

This happens due to lack of communication between your PC and printer. You have to follow a few steps to resolve it.

  • Press ‘setup’ button on wireless Canon printer
  • Move to ‘Wireless LAN setup’ and click on ‘OK’
  • Select ‘easy setup’ and confirm it
  • Then, choose ‘access point and enter the Wi-Fi password
  • Insert the setup disc and run the program to install the printer in your PC
  • Choose ‘easy install’ and click on it
  • You will see ‘printer on network’ on the screen
  • Click on ‘next’ and start the installation process
  • Wait until the process is completed

2.   How can I clear Canon printer error?

You have to reset the Canon printer in such a situation and here’s how you can do it!

  • Turn on the printer
  • Press and hold the stop/reset button
  • Wait for 5 seconds and then the printer will reboot and set itself

And that’s how you reset your printer to get rid of printer errors.

3.   Why is my printer saying error even after fixing the issue?

There can be many reasons why your printer makes errors all the time. There might be the wrong paper size or incompatible document that you are trying to print. So, make sure all the factors are checked otherwise our experts are there to help you.

Contact Canon Printer Technical Support Phone Number

Are you stuck in the middle of a printout? Well, you know what to do now. If you are still not sure, do not hesitate to seek our expert assistance, who will make your life simpler than you can ever imagine.

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