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Common HP Printer Issues and How to Fix Them

Hewlett-Packard has made a name for itself as one of the most notable and dependable printer manufacturers. However, having a problem with your HP printer isn’t something that happens out of the blue. This article discusses some of the most common HP printer issues, as well as effective troubleshooting procedures for resolving them.

This blog will go over the top ten HP printer issues that are commonly encountered by users. Continue reading to learn more about the problems and how to solve them.

HP Printer Paper Jams

If you’ve ever used an HP printer, you’ve probably run into this issue. This problem can occur when a printer’s roller is damaged or when paper with incorrect specifications is fed into the printer. It’s also worth mentioning that some printers are more susceptible to paper jams than others. To solve this problem, simply open the printer and remove any stuck bits of paper.  Remember to always pull the paper in the direction of the paper path, as pulling it in any other direction will cause more problems.

Prints are Faded

This condition could be caused by one of three things: low-toner, changed settings, or the use of economy printing. If the latter two are the case, you can revert the settings to get the print quality you want. If the problem is caused by toner, you can simply replace the cartridges with new ones to fix them.


When you receive proper prints, a faint copy of a similar print is printed somewhere else. This is known as ghosting. This can happen due to a faulty power outlet or when the printer’s components need to be replaced. To eliminate ghosting, double-check the power outlet and the condition of the printer parts.

Ink smears or doesn’t stick to paper

If you run your hand across a new print and the ink smears, there are a few possibilities. First, look over the fuser assembly for any damage that could be causing this problem. Second, try replacing the toner cartridge to resolve the problem. Finally, smeared ink on the nozzle could be causing this, so clean it to resolve the problem.

HP Printer 50.4 error message

A faulty power source is the cause of the HP printer’s 50.4 error code. If you’re using a UPS, it’s best to connect the printer directly to a wall outlet.

Inability to find a driver

Not all printers are compatible with all operating systems. There’s a chance that some drivers won’t be available for a specific OS. As a result, check the printer’s manual to see if it’s compatible with the operating system you’re using.

The printer picks up many sheets instead of one-sheet

The pad that holds the sheets together has worn out. To resolve the issue, replace the old pad with a new one. Contact HP customer service if you run into any issues.

The sheet being picked from the wrong paper tray

This problem can be solved by altering the PC’s settings. Select the designated paper tray from the printer properties menu. Also, double-check that the paper specifications on the console correspond to the sheets fed into the tray.

HP Printer Error Code 79

The cause of this error code 79 is a problem with the network print server. The HP printer troubleshooting procedure for this error code entails disabling all print operations as well as removing and reattaching all add-ons.

Inability to print on envelopes

It’s a little risky to print on envelopes. Make sure the envelopes you’re using are 20 lb. Check to see if the envelope glue has been instilled with the ability to withstand the printer’s heat. If the envelope is crippled or the paper is too stiff, it will be stated. Allow the envelopes to emerge from the backside to correct the problem.

These are some of the most common HP printer issues and the way how to fix them. If you require any additional assistance, please call HP printer support number.

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