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How Do I Clear The Brother Printer Error Light | Flashing Error LED?

The printer’s flashing lights are a common error that can annoy any Brother printer user at times. This error code appears when the drum counter is not installed in the correct orientation or location. If the Brother printer error light issue has been bothering you, then you can breathe a sigh of relief now. This article will show you how to sort out this error quickly.

Steps to troubleshooting a Brother printer with flashing lights

The following are two quick and simple solutions to the Brother Printer Error Light.

  • Resetting the drum
  1. Remove the cartridge and drum unit from the system.
  2. Now halt for at least 10 seconds.
  3. Ensure that the drum unit and cartridge are in the correct positions.
  4. If the drum LED still flashes, it means the drum printer hasn’t been reset.
  5. Hold the Go button down until all four LEDs light up.
  6. You can let go of the Go button once it lights up.
  7. Close the lid on your drum unit and it will be reset.
  • Inspecting the printer unit

It’s also possible that the Brother printer’s all-light flashing error was caused by faulty cartridges or another hardware issue. Check to see if all of the cables are connected properly. Make sure the Brother printer drivers are up to date as well. You could also try the following method to reset the cartridges:

  1. Remove the top panel by unbolting it and carefully unlatching the cartridge lock chips.
  2. Take a breather for a moment.
  3. Close the printer after inserting one cartridge at a time.
  4. Take a look at a sample print. Insert the other cartridge as well if the error subsides.
  5. Close the printer and it will resume normal operation.

Still, facing an issue?

Don’t worry if the methods listed above don’t work to fix the Brother printer error light. You can call our Brother printer customer service number and leave all of your concerns with us. Our experts will provide you with helpful advice that will help you resolve your problem.

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