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How to Repair an HP Printer That Is In an Error State HP Support

One of the most common issues encountered by HP printer users is the printer being in an error state.

HP has made a name for itself as a printer manufacturer. It is an ideal choice for customers all over the world because it has a wide range of models suitable for various utility and price ranges. Despite the fact that HP is a world-class brand, the ‘HP Printer In Error State‘ is a common occurrence. If you’re having trouble figuring out how to solve this problem, you’ve come to the right place. The purpose of this article is to discuss the HP printer error and how to fix it.

Common Causes for HP Printer In Error State:-

An HP printer’s error state usually occurs when the printer is jammed or when the ink or paper supply in the feeder is low. This error message can also be caused by loose or faulty connections, or by the printer not being properly closed or installed.

Repair an HP Printer in an Error State

  • Execute HP Printer Troubleshooting:-
  • Make sure the printer’s connections are secure and accurate.
  • Install the HP printer troubleshooting console. After installing the app, scan it and then tap Fix when it’s finished.
  • If the above steps are ineffective, the error could be caused by outdated drivers.
  • Revoke ‘Use Printer In Offline State:-
  • Select ‘Devices and Printers’ from the Control Panel.
  • Choose ‘Printers’.
  • If the “Printer is Offline” message appears, that means “Use printer in offline” is enabled.
  • To change this setting, right-click the printer and select ‘Use printer online’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Try a test print to see if the printer is up and running.
  • Reinstall The Drivers:-
  • Select ‘Printers and Devices’ from the control panel.
  • Remove the printer by right-clicking it and selecting ‘Remove device’.
  • Restart the system after you’ve confirmed it.
  • Reinstall the printer after the system has restarted. The printer is detected by the system on its own. If you have any questions, contact HP Printer Customer Service.
  • Automating The Printer Spooler Service:-
  • Type services.msc in the prompt by pressing Windows + R
  • Locate the Print Spooler and select ‘Properties’ from the context menu.
  • Change the Startup type to Automatic in the General console.
  • Save changes.
  • Restart the system to check if the problem has been resolved.

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