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Procedure to Fix Brother Printer Error TS-07

Brother is a well-known Japanese printer manufacturer known for its user-friendly printers. As with every printer, these printers may also develop a problem as a result of an internal glitch or extensive use. Brother printer error TS-07 is one such issue that causes annoyance to the user.

This blog is for you if you are experiencing the Brother printer TS-07 error. We’ll talk about what’s causing this error and what we can do to fix it.

What is Error TS-07 in Brother Printer?

The error TS-07 in Brother printers is fairly common, and it occurs when the Brother printer is unable to detect a WPS-enabled WLAN access point or router.

You don’t have to be concerned if you’re having trouble with this error. We will offer effective solutions for resolving this issue.

Why Does Brother Printer Error TS-07 Occur?

If the printer is unable to identify the router’s access point, the most common cause of the brother printer connection failed error TS 07 is that the printer is unable to identify the router’s access point. In addition, if the Brother printer is unable to detect a WPS-enabled router, As a result of this problem, a brother printer printing error can occur, and it is necessary to resolve this problem in order to resume uninterrupted printing. The steps to resolving the problem are listed below.

How Do I Fix the TS-07 Error on My Brother Printer?

  • The first step is to make sure your WLAN is compatible with WPS or AOSS. This can be confirmed by looking for any buttons on the WLAN or looking over the documents that came with it.
  • If the WPS is enabled, use the automated wireless option to configure the wireless settings.
  • Confirm that you can use both the printer and the router at the same time.
  • Place the printer in close proximity to the router to ensure uninterrupted internet access.
  • Other devices that emit signals, such as phones and mobile phones, should not be placed near the router.
  • Now, on the Brother printer, go to the Menu option and select Network.
  • Click the OK button.
  • Select OK after finding the WPS or AOSS option.
  • Click Yes when prompted with the ‘WPS enable’ option.
  • Choose OK when the prompt appears that says, “Network I/F switched to wireless” or “Enable WLAN.”
  • Now, on your printer, press and hold the WPS or AOSS button.
  • Keep pressing the button until the printer establishes a connection.
  • A WLAN report must be printed once the connection has been established.

If the report contains any errors, it is a good idea to contact Brother customer service.

This procedure will assist you in resolving the Brother printer’s TS-07 error code. If the problem persists, please contact Brother printer customer service . I hope this information is useful!

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