How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer

Canon printer customer service USA is regarded as one of the best in the market. One can get Canon Printer Support Services 24/7 on any kind of printer-related issues. Canon MX328 printer is an all-in-one printer which can efficiently perform complex activities. However, just like other machines, users can face some unwarranted problems such as Canon printer: how to connect to wifi with this printer as well. Canon support Center helps you resolve the issues so that your workflow is not hampered. One of the common errors one can face with a Canon MX328 printer is Error 6000. Before you contact Canon printer customer service for Canon Printer Support, here are some tips and tricks we would like you to know.

First of all, it is important to know the reasons behind Canon Printer Error 6000. This error might occur due to two possible reasons.

  1. Users can face Error 6000 issues when the Canon MX328 printer is facing any kind of blockage due to which the paper feed tray fails to open. Hence, when the print command is given, the tray fails to start, leading to the error.  So, what do you do to fix the issue? Clear the items which are blocking and restricting the tray from opening. Once the objects have been removed, give the print command.
  1. Canon MX328 Error 6000 can also happen while copying heavy files.  If the print command is given while the tray is still covered, error 6000 can occur. Whenever you are copying big files, please ensure that you are holding it firmly with your hands during the entire printing process.

The solutions suggested by the Canon Printer Support include:

Solution-1 for Canon MX328 Error 6000 :

A. First of all, disconnect your printer from the device.

B. While the power is still on, press the stop or reset button.

C. Switch off the power button.

D. After you see the idle message, open the cartridges by starting the top cover.

E. Lift the cover of the capsule holder and remove the cartridges.

F. Now, fit the cartridge cover holder and then disable the Canon printer.

G. After you have transferred towards top cover, you can enable the printer.

Solution-2 for Canon MX328 Error 6000 :

Disconnect the printer and press the reset button. Wait until the printer starts on its own. 

If both the above solutions proved to be of no help to you, then do not hesitate to contact us to connect with the Canon printer customer service and get canon printer support services 24/7. After all, that’s the reason we are here. Our experts at Canon Printer Support USA are delighted to provide assistance to you regarding any issue. All you need to do is to sit back at home and let our technicians at Canon support Center resolve the issue remotely.

The Canon support Center boasts of a team of experts that work 24/7 to help you resolve your problems like Canon printer: how to connect to wifi. Do not hesitate to tell your exact problem to the representative of the Canon printer customer service. Contact Canon support center, Canon printer customer service is the best in the town.