HP Printer Support USA

All you need to do is to select the option of Printer Setup to get step by step details on how you can setup, configure as well as register your new printer.

Print job stuck in queue or printer offline issue?

There is a Windows automated tool that can help you diagnose as well as fix any issue related to printers ranging from print jobs stuck in the queue to printer offline errors.

HP Printer: Know how to print, scan and fax

SimplePrinterGuide.com supports you do not know how to print, scan, and fax, then click on the option and get instructions regarding how you can do it with HP Printer on either Windows or Mac OS. You can also install as well as set up the HP printer straight from the application by clicking on HP Smart App option. Users also have an option to fix printing and scan-related problems they are facing with a printer. The issue can be fixed using a free tool for Windows known as HP Print and Scan Doctor.

Why HP Print and Scan Doctor is unable to find my printer?

One can troubleshoot and try to detect the printer if HP Print and Scan Doctor cannot find the device. If you want more information regarding how you can connect the device or how to fix it in case of an error message, head straight to HP Printer Support USA page.  Here you need to enter the model of your printer and then look for a document that will guide you on the installation process of the printer for a wireless connection, USB, Ethernet or regarding the error message that is getting displayed. By entering a few information, you can instantly get the much-needed HP Printer Support USA.

Wireless network connection

In case of wireless connectivity issues, follow the advices below:

  1. All you need to do is to restart your computer. With this, your printer will most probably get rid of all the errors.
  2. Check the Wireless network menu to ensure that your printer and computer has the same network connectivity.
  3. Bring your printer and PC a bit closer to the wireless router as you know that the signals tend to become weak when distance increases.
  4. Also, try connecting the printer to the network through a manual process. Restarting the router can also work.
  5. Do not forget to check your router band setting and firewall software. 

Wired (Ethernet) connection

  1. First of all, restart your computer as well as your printer.
  2. Try re-checking the network connectivity and get rid of any issues.

USB connection

  1. Restart your printer and computer device.
  2. Try to reconnect your cable or connect it to a different USB port.
  3. You can also check by inserting a different USB cable.