If your printer is unable to communicate with your personal computer, it is possible that it might have gone offline. If you want to bring your printer back online, then you can try doing certain things listed below:

First of all, make sure that your printer is on and at the same time, connected to the wifi, same as your personal computer. The built-in menu of your printer should be able to show that network which it is connected to. You can also go through the manual of your printer for more information.

1. You need to check that your printer isn’t on Use Printer Offline mode

2. Select the Start option, then go to the Settings. After that go to Devices and then move to Printers & scanners option. Now, choose your printer and then open the queue. You need to ensure that Printer Use Printer Offline is not selected.

Brother Printer Says Offline

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Canon Printer Offline Problem

What to do when your window shows that your Canon printer is offline. This is a general issue that several users face despite having proper connection with the system. In case you are clueless as to why this is happening, then do not worry. Point to note here is that similar to other devices, printers might also have bugs that can probably hamper the connectivity with several interfaces.

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